Bastard of Winterfell

The Bastard of Winterfell reunites us with Jon as he returns to the North and faces new challenges, new allies and enemies, and adventures. Bastard of Winterfell is an open-world action-adventure RPG game inspired by the hit TV show Games Of Thrones. The game is a 3rd person perspective, and you can play as different characters of the games of thrones universe for different perspectives. you can travel this beautiful open world by horse, dragon, or dire wolf. As a big fan of the Game of thrones series and GRRM, we were inspired to create an independent game that would be the definitive GOT universe game for mobile and pc. our vision in mayhem apps is to deliver an excellent product that the fans will love and remember. There has never been an open world game of the book series and TV series. When we love shows, books, and other form of media, we are influenced to create games that will do them justice.


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